Adidas Originals EQT 2017 – Our Future Is Now

As would history so repeatedly reveal, the youth often position themselves as custodians of the future. Adidas has unveiled the stylish, functional and fly Adidas Originals EQT (Equipment)  2017 sneakers to both celebrate and highlight the fact that the youth have the tools to be in charge.

Adidas Originals EQT 2017 feat

Peter Moore, creative director of the Original EQT, explains the concept behind the new release.

“We called it Equipment because the word equipment is sort of a no bullsh*t word.” he says, adding “You don’t have a piece of equipment to have fun with. You have a piece of equipment to do something with. ”

Adidas Originals EQT 2017 1

Indeed it was young people who championed the 1976 Youth Uprisings as a means to protest against the introduction of the Bantu Education Act, and it is still the youth who are standing up against exorbitant higher education fees that restrict access for underprivileged young people in recent times.

Adidas Originals EQT 2017 feat

The Adidas Originals EQT kicks are a timely collaboration between the country’s born frees with the goal of reminding all that ‘Our Future Is Now.’

Shot by filmmaker and photographer Imraan Christian, who gained international recognition in 2015/16 for his powerful photography documenting the #FeesMustFall student profile movement, the EQT ‘Our Future is Now’ visual content series is set in Johannesburg and features a collection of the city’s new wave of Born Free Originals.


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